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The Russian Marxist-Leninist Labour Movement «Rabochiy Put» («Work way») was founded relatively recently by a group of comrades (in 2013), but we have already achieved some good results in terms of propagating socialist ideas among the population of exUSSR.
Virtual part of our work is managed through the website, which is targeted to the Russian-speaking audience of Russia and other post soviet states. Our activity includes:
- Analyzing of capitalism in Russia and it the rest of the world at it's present stage.
- Systematic publishing of articles across a broad range of issues.
- Researching in the Soviet history, history of Bolshevicks' party and history of soviet socialism.
- Preparing an educational material on Marxism-Leninism, history of Bolshevicks' party and USSR.
- Popularizing of Marxist-Leninist literature published in USSR and abroad, as well as other readings from the different periods of Sovet age.
- Searching and digitizing of a rare M-L literature concerning Soviet socialism and class struggle in USSR, especially those materials which were inaccessible over the course of decades for an average readers (due to revizionists censure).
- Providing an informational and organizational supports for workers.
- Establishing contacts with workers across the Russia and post-Soviet states in order to organize processes on the principle of Lenin's «Iskra».
- Fighting revisionism and opportunism.
- Other.

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Work Way | Marxist-Leninist Labour Movement

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