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To adequately express the socioecological dimensions of the comprehensive crisis as part of a broad movement of protest and resistance, we are organising the mass climate resistance action “Unplug G20 – stop climate change!” in the hotspot Port of Hamburg. There, we will resolutely stand in the way of everyday destruction of livelihoods, which is particularly manifold at this location: Capitalist world trade, amongst others with coal, oil, uranium, agribusiness products, arms, cars, ores, metals, etc.; furthermore there are coal power, aluminium and agribusiness plants, airplane hangars, motorways etc.

At the first action conference in December we grouped together as the NoG20 Climate Action and have since then done preparatory work for July in subsequent meetings. We welcome fellow campaigners to get involved in this process. The next action conference on 8th-9th April here in Hamburg presents an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. And the day before, on 7th April, there will be a preparatory meeting of many internationals.

We would be delighted to welcome you here in Hamburg!

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NoG20 Klimaaktion

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