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The MOVE Organization is a family of strong, serious, deeply committed revolutionaries founded by a wise, perceptive, strategically minded Black man named JOHN AFRICA. The principle of our belief is explained in a collection of writings we call “The Guidelines,” authored by JOHN AFRICA. To honor our beloved Founder, and acknowledge the wisdom and strength He has given us, we say “LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA!”

JOHN AFRICA taught us that Life is the priority. Nothing is more important or as important as Life, the force that keeps us alive. All life comes from one source, from God, MOM NATURE, MOMA. Each individual life is dependent on every other life, and all life has a purpose, so all living beings, things that move, are equally important, whether they are human beings, dogs, birds, fish, trees, ants, weeds, rivers, wind or rain. To stay healthy and strong, life must have clean air, clear water and pure food. If derived of these things, life will cycle to the next level, or as the system says, “die.”

We believe in Natural Law, the government of self. Man-made laws are not really laws, because they don’t apply equally to everyone and they contain exceptions and loopholes. Man-made laws are constantly being amended or repealed. Natural Law stays the same and always has. Man’s laws require police, sheriffs, armies, and courts to enforce them, and lawyers to explain them. True law is self explanatory and self enforcing. In the undisturbed jungles, oceans, and deserts of the world, there are no courtrooms or jails. The animals and plants don’t need them. No living being has to consult a law book to be able to know if they have to cough, sneeze, or urinate. Natural Law says that when you see something getting too close to your eye, you will blink, whether you are a German Shepherd or a Supreme Court Justice.

All living things instinctively defend themselves. This is a God-given right of all life. If a man goes into a bear’s cave, he violates and threatens the bear’s place of security. The bear will defend his home by instinctively fighting off the man and eliminating him. The bear is not wrong, because self defense is right.

MOVE’s work is revolution. JOHN AFRICA’s revolution, a revolution to stop man’s system from imposing on life, to stop industry from poisoning the air, water, and soil and to put an end to the enslavement of all life. Our work is to show people how rotten and enslaving this system is and that the system is the cause of homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism, racism, domestic abuse, AIDS, crime, war, all the problems of the world. We are working to demonstrate that people not only can fight this system, they must fight they system if they ever want to free themselves from endless suffering and oppression.

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MOVE Organization

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Friday, Dec 9 for a 3pm Rally and 6pm Indoor Event
Friday, Dec 9 for a 3pm Rally and 6pm Indoor Event 3pm: Meet at Frank Rizzo statue at 15th & JFK, Philadelphia (map) 6pm: Nearby church. Dec....

PA Officials to Contact for the MOVE 9
Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole/ 1101 South Front Street, Suite 5300 Harrisburg, PA. 17104/ (General) 717-787-5699/ Inmate Inquiries...

Demand US Atty Gen Loretta Lynch investigate the wrongful ongoing imprisonment of the MOVE 9
August 8, 2016 will officially mark 38 years since innocent MOVE Members have been unjustly jailed in Pennsylvania state prisons. The position of...

MOVE Conference
May 5 – 7, 2017 A Conference Presented by the MOVE Organization Universal Audenreid Charter High School 3301 Tasker Street Philadelphia, PA Fri....

Ramona Africa Interviewed by The Guardian newspaper from London
Media descended on Philadelphia last week for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) which exhorted Democratic Party faithful to back Hillary...

Ramona Africa Interview on Loud & Clear Radio
Social Justice Activists Still Behind Bars After Decades Ramona Africa, for the MOVE 9 Noelle Hanrahan, for Mumia Abu-Jamal Eddie Conway,...

Janet, Janine & Debbie Africa Denied Parole: Take Action On Tues., June 7, 2016
  From 9:00am to 12:00 Noon Call, Fax, Email, or Tweet Pa Governor Tom Wolf at: (P) (717) 787-2500 (F) (717) 772-8284 (Email) (contact...

“The Art of Love” Mixtape, “John Africa” Track, By PAYPAY Featuring Seddrick Miley
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Saturday, March 26, 2016 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Join the MOVE Organization for a very special tribute for The MOVE 9 Sisters. We prepare for their upcoming May 2016 parole hearings for Janet,...

Fri. May 13, 2016 from 6-9 pm
Stand together with the MOVE family on the 31st anniversary of the Philadelphia government bombing of the MOVE home on May 13, 1985. Remember the...

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