Karl Leveque Institute - Remembering Haitian History

The Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute (ICKL) is a non-religious, non-profit, non-profit private foundation with no political affiliations. Created in July 1989, the ICKL defines itself as a center of reflection of social analysis and popular education which intends to make its contribution to the struggles of liberation of the popular layers of the society by the means of the theoretical reflection, of the analysis and support of grassroots groups. He wants indeed:

participate in the urgent task of thinking politics in Haiti;
contribute to the elucidation of the theoretical and practical blockages of the popular movement;
allow the establishment of an autonomous and structured area of ​​struggle.

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Karl Leveque Institute - Remembering Haitian History

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How has cooperation in general and international aid in particular influenced Haitian social formation?
Haiti in the context of its international relations has always lived three moments of different intensity:  A moment when she was isolated by the...

Presentation of the program “Human Rights”
The “Human Rights” program is responsible for the involvement of the Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute in this specific field. The human...

Memory of popular struggles in Haiti: 1946 – 1996
The exhibition “Memory of Popular Fights in Haiti” is one of the public activities of the program. In addition to the informative aspect, it...

In Haiti, can the people count on a national bourgeoisie
Nationalism and blackness are among the two parameters that have crossed and most marked our entire history of people since 1804. One of the first...

Who was Karl Leveque?
Karl Lévêque was born in Cap-Haïtien (HAITI) in January 1936 in a wealthy family. He did his classical studies in Port-au-Prince at the College...

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