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Free at Last: Simone Gbagbo Liberated
Yesterday, on 08/08/2018, the former first lady of Côte d’Ivoire, Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, was freed from imprisonment. It has taken 7 years for...

Proverbe Burundais / Burundi Proverb on Having Enough
Le crocodile sort du fleuve et lèche la rosée (Proverbe Kirundi – Burundi). – Il n’a jamais assez.  The crocodile comes out of the river...

Quote on Hurting Others by Angélique Kidjo
“We cannot hurt ourselves just for the sake of it. When you hurt somebody you hurt yourself. Down the line, the ripple of it comes back to...

Proverbe sur l’estime / Proverb on Esteem
Si tu ne me connais pas, tu ne peux m’estimer (proverbe Maure – Mauritanie, Algérie, Tunisie, Maroc, Niger, Mali, Sahara Occidental). If you...

Why some African countries don’t want charity clothes
In recent years, the textile industry in African countries has taken a hit because of second-hand clothes from the Western world. Remembering the...

Why the Name: Morocco?
If you are like me, there are many countries whose name you have pondered upon. One of them is Morocco! I have wondered about the name Morocco and...

Proverbe Arabe sur la paresse / Arabic Proverb on Laziness
L’autruche, quand il faut voler, dit: “Je suis chameau”; et quand il faut porter un fardeau, elle dit: “je suis oiseau” (Proverbe Arabe...

African Joke: Internet Dating
I answered a dating ad on the internet, and I was getting ready to go on my first date with this girl that I had never met before. I was anxious,...

Proverbe sur les personnes ignobles / Proverb on Despicable People
Un tronc d’arbre avec un mille-pattes dedans (Proverbe Zulu – Afrique du Sud). – Se dit de quelqu’un qui est haineux. A tree trunk with a...

African Traditional Medicine: the case of Lantana and Hot Fever
When I was younger, in my village, in some cases when someone had a high fever, the person will be given a hot tea with Lantana flowers (infused)...

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