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Proverbe Seychellois sur les vrais amis / Seychelles Proverb on True friends
  Il n’y a que vos vrais amis qui vous diront quand votre face est sale (Proverbe Seychellois).   Only your true friends will tell you when...

Mariam Sankara’s Declaration
Today, I have translated Mariam Sankara‘s declaration on the day of the 30th-year anniversary of the death of her husband, the president of the...

Proverbe sur la puissance de Dieu / Proverb on God’s Power
Dieu ne discute pas avec l’homme; quand Il parle, Il a raison (Proverbe Luba – RDC). – Les décrets de Dieu sont définitifs. God does not...

“Dances of Yesterday” (Danses d’Hier) by Antoine Abel
One of Seychelles’ most acclaimed and prolific author is the writer Antoine Abel, who had been an ambassador of the indigenous culture of the...

Proverbe Seychellois sur le courage / Seychelles Proverb on Courage
Celui qui cherche le miel doit avoir le courage d’affronter les abeilles (Proverbe Seychellois). He who looks for honey must have the courage to...

Why the Name: Seychelles?
Have you ever wondered about the meaning for the name of the country Seychelles? Somehow to me, it has always felt like it should be a derivative...

Proverbe sur l’impossibilité / Proverb on Impossibility
Impossible d’oindre (lécher) votre propre dos (Proverbe Azande, RDC – Soudan du Sud  – RCA). Impossible to anoint (lick) your own back...

Fossi Jacob and the French Genocide in Cameroon: Testimony
Below is the testimony of one of Fossi Jacob ‘s daughters. If you ever get a chance, you should read “My Dad was Fossi Jacob: Itinerary of a...

Fossi Jacob: A Cameroonian Hero and France’s Genocide in Cameroon
I have to talk about Fossi Jacob, the Chutes de la Métché (The Metché Waterfalls), and the Bamiléké genocide perpetrated by France in...

Proverbe Bamiléké sur la souffrance / Bamileke Proverb on Suffering
Personne ne peut oublier le jour où il fut bien mouillé (Proverbe Bamiléké – Cameroun). – Les souffrances sont difficilement oubliées....

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