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Being Black in the Work Place
Here is an anonymous poem I thought of sharing with all; it reflects the life of so many in the workplace in the West. Enjoy! ===== Being Black in...

France urged to change heritage law and return looted art to Africa
France, like so many European countries, is being urged to return looted art to Africa. Below is the article. For the full article, go to the...

Connect Intelligence with Compassion
“Your brain is your greatest weapon. Connect it to your heart, and you can go anywhere.” Angélique Kidjo

Europe’s Largest Museums to “Loan” Looted Benin (Nigerian) Artifacts back to Nigeria
Unbelievable! I had to share this article about European museums loaning looted African artifacts back to Africans. It sounds so mind-boggling! How...

Proverbe sur l’avarice / Proverb on Stinginess
Si rien ne sort de ta maison, rien n’entrera (Proverbe Kirundi – Burundi) – Avarice. If nothing leaves your house, then nothing will get...

African Joke: Stop Dozing in Church!
A lady dozed off during the pastor’s preaching… Suddenly, she wakes up and hears the pastor say “Stand up.”   She gets up and sees the...

Why Monkey Looks Like Man
In the old days, monkey went to see God and asked him to be like man. God asked him: Awô, but can you stay locked 100 days in a cage? Awô...

German Protectorates on the West Coast of Africa: 1884 – 1890
Last week I published a poem by  Sarah Anyang Agbor about the Anglophone plight in Cameroon, and the fact that Anglophones as any other children...

Proverbe Bamiléké sur le paresseux / Bamileke Proverb on the Lazy One
Le paresseux est toujours sur la route de la chefferie pour aller quémander auprès du chef (et rapporter) (Proverbe Bamiléké – Cameroun)! The...

“Cameroon: I too, Sing Cameroon” by Sarah Anyang Agbor
A few years ago, I came across this poem by  Sarah Anyang Agbor, and thought I will share it with you today.  It focuses on the Anglophone...

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